Fast Damaged Fiber Collection

Out of my travels thus far I’ve came across a total of 11 damaged fiber randomly around the world. Note, I wasn’t explicitly looking for them, however, whenever I come across any resource I always get it regardless of what it is. Going through quests, and running around I found an amazing location with a large Damaged Fiber spawn, as well as decent respawn times. Within 30 minutes of running around I gathered 22 fiber, which is more than double what I’ve collected throughout my whole gameplay thus far. This guide will show you the location you need to go, risks of the area, as well as other resources in the vicinity.



If you open up your map (M), and look towards the bottom right corner of the general continent  you will see a peninsula with a few smaller islands under it. (As shown in the picture below)



In the cluster of islands you should see one called the LighthoUse Islands.



The the bushes of the Damaged Fiber are spread out through the whole island, the highlighted area above shows where the cluster of bushes are most predominant. Going here every 10 minutes or so should hold around 5-6 bushes.


Keep in mind however, the island is heavily inhabited with both Naga Shaman, and Naga Warrior. Both being level 42 it’s recommended that you’re at least lvl 40 in going there. The toggle rate for them to start attacking you is quite far, and it makes it so almost every bush you try to gather you have to fight at least one, and at times two at a time. This makes gathering the resource more tedious than it would normally, however with the amount of Damaged Fiber on the island it makes it all worth the while.



If you can notice from the picture, there are a lot of them in one area, and that’s how it is throughout the whole island. More than likely you won’t be able to gather any resources without fighting at least a few of them. This is why I recommend you being at least level 40 to ensure that you don’t die.


In the image above, you can also notice a gold ore rock in the background. There are also a few gold resources laying around the island, though not as prominent as the Damaged Fiber.


I hope this helps anyone out that is looking for Damaged Fiber, if you know of any other better locations don’t hesitate to post them in the comments below. If we can verify that it is in fact better than this area we will be more than happy to make another guide showing that location and giving you credit on finding the location for us.

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