Korean English Patch 3.0

The day after posting the English Patch 2.0 I found out that the latest English Patch 3.0 just came out! I haven’t yet checked out what this brings, but hopefully it fixes one of the various issues with the Mystic Class. I’ll update this once I know for certain.

UPDATE: As expected, it has fixed most error messages or undefined names with the mystic class, I can only assume it has done the same with the second class as well. I’ve purchased around 12 spells and they all have working english texts now. So, if you play any of the new classes, especially Mystic, I highly recommend using this patch.



Direct Download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/169105979806449664/273308634228719616/1-23-17_English_Patch.rar

keep in mind, clicking a direct download will automatically download the english patch without giving you a say.


As always, here is the virus scan of the files.



How to install:


Find the Bless file you had downloaded. Open it up, and then go to: Bless > BLGame > Localization > KOR


Then open up your zip, go to ENGLISH PATCH 2 > KOR

Then drag and drop ALL of the files from the English Patch 2.0 over to your Bless folder.

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