Latest Russian English Patch

Hello fellow Russian Bless Online Players! We have just recieved word on the latest english patch for the russian version of the game. This fixes most of the new updates as well as some of the older, outdated text. Whilst most of it being done in a hurry using Google Translate it’s still enough to help you get by in the game if you’re not a natural russian speaking individual.


Below is the download for the game. Note: I recommend using the “Download through your browser” method, as that’s what the virus scan is showing. I’ve never downloaded using’s file system, nor will I do so.!NgsyFYQD!L2c1haroaOPn2OxyH-c1uwnzs4DQ9Xw0UnpSEYl1vNg – Here is the download. It is not a direct download, so you will be prompted with two options of download.


Below, as always is a virus scan of the files.


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