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After weeks of trying to get into contact with AeriaGames I’ve finally received a response back from them. Though their email was short, and lacked giving us any depicted date or release, or anything along those lines. They did end up telling us where they’re at in the whole process. They’re still currently working on the translation for the whole game.This process will take a decent amount of time as they not only have to translate the whole game’s text into english, they’re also going to have to go through every voiced section in the whole game and get voice actors to reenact the whole script. This along will take a decent length of time, on top of that they’re not just making the game for English speaking people from what I can tell, so this means they might have to make separate versions of the game in other languages such as Spanish, French, etc. Even if they were just in the NA, that still goes through Mexico, and Canada which incorporates Spanish and French alone, I can only assume other languages if they’re doing the EU as well. This being said, they will probably be working on the translation portion for a while. How far in are they exactly, they did not say. So, there isn’t much to go off for a finishing date.


They also mentioned they will keep us in the loop, and let us in on the Press Releases, etc. So, if you’re not subscribed to us already make sure to do so!

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2 thoughts on “NA/EU Small News

  1. Hmmm, in March 2016 they has on webside “Comming Soon” its already March 2017 and its still “Comming Soon”. They are working on game over one year and i feel like they will fck up game same as Russians, with cash shop or smthing else.

    1. Keep in mind that they have to go through and get voice actors, and everything on top of changing all the text in the game to english. This will be a long process. As for the cash shop, they did come out in an interview “Jérôme: Facing a paywall to progress on your journey is definitely a terrible experience. We want to have a seamless experience for all players. The cash shop should be optional, only offering convenience and vanity items to the players who use it.”

      If they stick to their word the cash shop shouldn’t be much different than the Korean Cash shop which is a pretty useful, and non pay2win style of a cash shop.

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