NA/EU Small News

After weeks of trying to get into contact with AeriaGames I’ve finally received a response back from them. Though their email was short, and lacked giving us any depicted date or release, or anything along those lines. They did end […]

Russia English Patch (Latest)!I4d1HIKA!Y_nhsIzGUILvYjMXtTRyg10E5TjCugbPGGZCZdlwhaY Here shows the current Russian English patch. It was just updated yesterday from what I’ve gathered. This download is not a direct download link as with most of the korean files, so clicking on it prior to won’t automatically […]

English Korean Patch (Older)

With the current Korean Patch’s website being down I’m sharing the older patches link here so everyone will be able to use it until the newer patch is re-released.   Download Link:¬†   Here is a picture of Bitdefenders scan […]