We’re Live!

Salutations everyone! Today marks a great day, and great start to what could turn out to be an excellent journey! BlessMMO.com as well as BlessForums.com are now live! Our goal with this site, as well as BlessForums is to bridge all the information you might need together, and allow you to read up on the latest guides, helpful information, news, and much more. We want to make things simple, and efficient for your browsing purposes. No need to go to several different websites in hopes for a guide, as well as a place to promote your guild at. With these two sites you can do it all with the luxury of having them a click away.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below with any questions, statements, concerns, etc. you may have for the website.

3 thoughts on “We’re Live!

  1. Glad to see a website dedicated to giving news about BlessOnline! I’m greatly looking forward to seeing it it live for us western userbased members. Any time-line on when we can expect a release for NA?

    1. Hello Kiersten, at this time we do not know when it will be released for NA/Wester however that is our main focus. Once we get any information on it we will be sure to make a post about it as soon as possible.

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